How to request a VSRDA Dog to visit

Sirius Pets If you are interested in having our group come visit your function, class, or event, we will gladly make efforts to accommodate your request. Along with searching for missing persons, our team does what we call “Preventative SAR” by educating children (and adults) on how not to get lost in the woods, and what to do if they become lost. In addition, we talk about the training that the dogs and handlers do, how the dogs find someone, and much, much more.

Download our Demonstration Request Form [91Kb PDF]

If able, we also have the dogs perform a short demonstration of searching.

We have appeared at county fairs, scout meetings, church open houses, fire station open houses, pet expos, elementary schools, and summer camps. We also enjoy representing all K9 Search and Rescue volunteers by appearing in parades, both large and small.

Please Contact Michele Tucker

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