K9 Jessie

K9 jessie profile

Born: 30 May 2011

Status: In-Training for Wilderness Area Search

Qualifications: Certified FEMA Disaster Dog.

Favorite Treat:

Handler: Sally D.

Breed: English Black Labrador

Non-SAR trick: "Her best non SAR trick is she talks.... she has something to say about just about everything."

Notes: "Jessie is my third and youngest! I got her as a pup and she is in training for disaster and wilderness live find only. She loves people, especially the guys and flirts non stop with them! She is a very fun dog to be around, easy going and happy all the time. She is also a hold and bark at the person."

K9 Jessie loves to come for runs with me and her two brothers.... I have all three of them on a leash and we go for 4 or 5 miles. As big as she is she is very good at climbing ladders, and the other agility, not wild and crazy."


Photos of K9 Jessie

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