Retired Dogs

Our salty friends, enjoying a "calm" retirement after years of training & searching. Job well done.

K9 Hunter

K9 Hunter-profile 2016

Born: 01 Oct 2013

Status: Retired: April 2018

Qualifications: ARDA Certified Human Remains Detection:  Operational (Apr 2016 - April 2018)

Favorite Treat: attention

Handler: Jennifer B.

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K9 Jade

K9 Jade

Born: 21 May 2010

Status: Retired April 2018

Qualifications: ARDA Human Remains Detection:  Operational (Nov 2012 - April 2018) & Canine Good Citizenship

Favorite Treat

Handler: Jennifer B.

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K9 Juno

K9 Juno

Retired: April 2016

Born: October 2009

Status: Operational (April 2012 - April 2016)

Qualifications: Canine Good Citizen, Area Search K9 (ARDA)

Favorite Treat: Broccoli and blueberries (the latter tastes best if rolled on the floor or tossed at her)

Handler: Jutka T.

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K9 Keys

K9 Keys

Born: 2007

Status: Retired. Operational (Oct 2009 - Feb 2014)

Qualifications: Certified ARDA Human Remains Detection

Favorite Treat: Anything that tastes like a tennis ball

Handler: Teresa M.

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