Retired Dogs

Our salty friends, enjoying a "calm" retirement after years of training & searching. Job well done.

K9 Keys

K9 Keys

Born: 2007

Status: Retired. Operational (Oct 2009 - Feb 2014)

Qualifications: Certified ARDA Human Remains Detection

Favorite Treat: Anything that tastes like a tennis ball

Handler: Teresa M.

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K9 Maggie *Retired*

K9 Maggie

Born: 2006

Status: Retired Area Search.

Qualifications: Certified ARDA Area Search Canine.

Favorite Treat: Natural Balance meat roll

Handler: Victoria S.

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K9 Port

K9 Port

Born: 11 Dec 2011

Status: Happily Retired

Qualifications: Port was a Certified FEMA Disaster Dog.

Favorite Treat: She's a lab, it's all good.

Handler: Teresa M.

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K9 Raxy

K9 Raxy profile

Born: December 1, 2011

Status: Retired ARDA Certified Area Search Canine

Favorite Treat: Ice Cubes and Hot Dogs

Handler: Stacy B.

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