Teresa M. - Unit 18

Teresa MacPherson Hometown: Catlett, VA

Status: K9 Handler

Alter Ego

Qualifications: Advanced First Aid and CPR with AED. FTM with VDEM. Member of Virginia Task Force One ( VATF1)

DOG: K9 Banks, K9 Port, K9 Bayou & K9 Keys (retired) 

Recommended Reading:

Major Deployments/Misc: OKC Bombing, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, Bam Iran, Earthquake, Haiti School Collapse, Haiti Earthquake, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Washington state mudslides

Most Memorable Moment:


Photos of Teresa

Teresa and K9 Port certify in 2013
Teresa and K9 Port certify for FEMA in June 2013!


Teresa in Japan with Banks
Teresa responded with VATF1 on behalf of USAID with K9 Banks.


Teresa MacPherson in Japan
Teresa and Banks taking a break from searching in Japan after the Tsunami.


Banks and Teresa MacPherson search in Haiti
Teresa and Banks search in Haiti following an Earthquake, 2010.


Teresa MacPherson and K9 Keys
Teresa and Keys during an obedience test.


Teresa MacPherson and K9 Keys
Teresa and Keys - 2011