K9 Bayou

K9 Bayou

Born: January 5, 2011

Status: Operational Disaster HRD

Qualifications: FEMA HRD Disaster Canine, ARDA Human Remains Detection

Favorite Treat: He's a lab, it's all good.

Handler: Teresa M.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Non-SAR trick: Waves Hello and Goodbye!

Notes: As a puppy growing up in a multi-dog household Bayou was a hoarder - he has "forts" where he hides his collected loot which includes toys, shoes, hairbrushes, and pans! He is now the biggest of them all and doesn't feel the need to hoard anymore.  Bayou is fellow K9 Teammate  Angus' litter-mate.

Deployments: Bayou headed to Washington State on 03 April to assist with the recovery efforts from the mudslides


Photos of K9 Bayou

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