Dogs in Training

Here is our batch of up-and-coming pups. They are eager to work and ready to learn!

K9 Flint

K9 Flint

K9 Flint-profile 2016

Born: 20 May 2015

Status: Operatinal HRD (June 2017 - Present), In-Training FEMA HRD 

Qualifications: ARDA Human Remains Detection  

Favorite Treat: To roll in the mud!

Handler: Sally D.

Breed: Border Collie

Non-SAR trick: With his pink nose and pushy confidence, this little guy it memorable. 

Notes: Out of all the dogs I have ever had this guy has the most nick names - "Pig, Pigossum, Tail hook, The Governor"....the list goes on.



Photos of K9 Flint

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