K9 Rocky

K9 Rocky

2008 - 2019

Retired Jan 2018

Qualifications: ARDA Certified Area Search Canine, ARDA Certified HRD:  Operational (Dec 2011 - Jan 2018)

Favorite Treat: Pretzels & retirement! 

Handler: Sally D.

Breed: Border Collie

Non-SAR trick: Great listener!

Notes: "I rescued Rocky in November 2009 from a Border Collie Shelter in Michigan where he was surrendered- after a very "Rocky" start to life, being crated from long times, submissively peeing and scared of everyone. When I met him he loved to do one thing - search for his ball! By March 2010 he certified with Kentucky Search Dog Association as a live find area search dog. He took to training so well and everyday showed improvement. Today he is a friendly loving smart dog, he just needed a job and a positive environment to thrive in!"

Deployments/Misc : Various Local Deployments

Photos of K9 Rocky

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