Stacy B.

Stacy B. - Unit 22

Stacy B Hometown: Hartford, CT

Status: K9 Handler

Alter Ego: Network Administrator

Qualifications:  Advanced First Aid, CPR with AED, Search Team Leader with VDEM

DOG: K9 Eikos "Ike" and K9 Vashta
Retired:  K9 Raxy

  Recommended Reading: The Dog Who Loved Too Much, Don't Shoot the Dog; The Other End of the Leash; The Idiots Guide to Positive Dog Training

Major Deployments/Misc:

Most Memorable Moments: Skydiving with my Mom, spending my 30th on the peak of Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks, bringing a tiny, loveable, sweet baby Raxy home!


Photos of Stacy

stokes basket on zip line

K9 raxy in stokes basket