Volunteer Land for Use

Our dogs and our team is always looking for new lands to train on! We need at least 100-acres, preferably more. Our trainings usually take place on Sundays, however, we train some Saturdays, and some evenings. There will be anywhere from 8-20 vehicles parking on a training day. 

We are looking for land, for use in training our Search and Rescue dogs, who work and help save lives. A few members of the Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association have recently moved to North Carolina, and are in need or new training spaces.

How we use the land: We train with the dogs off lead, and we hide people and “training aids” for the dogs to find.

Some desirable aspects of property which we keep in mind when considering land to use:

  • Between 80 and 250 acres
  • Land borders
  • Access to water
  • Hunting access
  • Weekend access
  • Trails and unimproved roads
  • Structures, such as barns

Some undesirable aspects of property

  • Ranch land with farm animals
  • Hazards, such as open wells and random barbed wire
  • Major roads bordering the land
  • De-conflicting with hunters