K9 Atticus

K9 Atticus

K9 Atticus

Born: 20 November 2005

Status: Operational (March 2011 - current)

Qualifications: Certified FEMA Disaster Dog. ARDA Certified Area Search Canine.

Favorite Treat: Ice cubes.

Handler: Jennifer M.

Breed: German Shepherd 

Deployments: March 2011 to Japan, following Earthquake and Tsnuami.

Non-SAR trick: From a stand, he can clear the top of our sliding glass door in one leap!

Notes: Atticus or "Finch" as he is also called at home has unusual allergies, that manifest on his skin. While the cause hasn't been accurately diagnosed, he maintains an amazing work ethic and doesn't let a few spotty patches on his skin slow him down.

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